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Following Your City’s Feed

Q: I have managed to find my city, however I am not sure how I would receive Twitter updates regarding that city. Is this possible?

A: Unfortunately due to logic complications we are currently unable to return filtered Twitter tweets for each city. (Unless you were really into constantly receiving traffic updates from around the world, we would have to add a new Twitter account for each city.) However, you can use RSS to subscribe to your feed ( Ex: ).

We’ve heard of some users successfully taking our RSS into Twitterfeed and creating dedicated Twitter accounts for a specific city. If you have done this, please let us and the community know by posting your feed’s Twitter username in our community, so that others can find it!

Feed for IAD, Washington DC and surrounding suburbs:

There are few other solutions, such as using the Twitter “track” command, and a few RSS alert tools. We’ve tried these with limited success.

Rest assured, we are working on ways to make tracking commuter feeds easier to access. If you have found a clever way to do so, make sure to share it with the community.


Missing Reports

Q: I posted a traffic response to @commuter using Twitter, but my post doesn’t show up. Why?

A: There are two explanations for this.

  1. Wait 2-5 minutes. The site updates in 2 minute cycles, so if you check back chances are it will be there.
  2. Make sure you included your city code (Ex: LAX). Currently, your post will not show up if you forget your city code. Your city code is the airport code for the largest local airport. You can find your city code here:



Q: I posted a traffic response for my city and the local time is wrong. Why is this? Will it get fixed?

A: If you are the first person to post in your city (THANK YOU!), the local time may be displayed as a default Universal Time Code. There will be a delay before we catch your post and sync up your timezone in the system. So please be patient if you have recently “broken in” a new city.



Q: Isn’t it dangerous to text message while driving?

A: Text messaging while driving is extremely dangerous behavior and will get yourself or others killed.

Commuter Feed recommends that, for drivers, you wait until you have safely returned to your destination before you post to the site. We have heard of services such as that allow voice to text conversion, however ANY activity on the phone while driving is extremely dangerous and illegal in many areas. Do not use the phone while driving, period.



Other Platforms

Q: Does Commuter Feed work on any platforms besides Twitter?

A: It does now. Check out

Note that our Pownce support is still slightly experimental. If you post to Commuter Feed from Pownce, make sure to add us as a friend and use the same format as you would Twitter, with the difference that any reports need to be sent to “the public” instead of your friends. Even if you are a friend.