About Commuter Feed Bookmark

Commuter Feed is a new website designed to let community members of the popular Twitter micro blogging service tell the world what’s in store for their daily travels by utilizing the Twitter API to display traffic and transit updates for a user’s local area.

Commuter Feed was created to serve the needs of daily commuters who wish to learn about traffic and transit delays—not just by mundane freeway reports, but communication directly from fellow commuters about how, why, when, and where.

Commuter Feed’s dependence on the community changes the commuting landscape for an instant, personal account of what to expect on the way to and from home.


The Commuter Feed team is Ron Whitman (Founder & Product Manager), Ben Homnick (Programming) and Josh Pyles (Design).


Commuter Feed is a product of Zenji Web Development, a tiny Los Angeles based web design and development business. You can check out our Twitter here or our Tumblr here.